Monday, July 24, 2017


Cephas' birthday happened to coincide with Hari Raya Puasa and the Monday that followed was a holiday in lieu. Guess this gave us a reason to plan for a staycation at D' Resort. Two families joined us for the stay too. 

The room is spacious. Two queen-sized beds. I like that the view overlooks the park. We stayed on the second floor, just above the BBQ pit. It was pretty noisy on the first night as the chatter went on till past 1am. I was so tempted to shout at the people to ask them to shut up and sleep. 
The check-in/ check-out was no frill. Fast and good. Our stay came with free 4 tickets to Wild Wild Wet. Since we wanted early entry on Saturday, we actually went to the check-in counter, showed them Serena's ic (she WhatsApp me) and the booking email to get the tickets. No questions asked. I like.

A bird's eye view (sort of) of Wild Wild Wet. The children are very courageous and went on several slides. I who have hydrophobia, sat at a corner to wait for them. It was not crowded and the children could go on the slides a few times.

Glad that Serena and her children could join us in the late afternoon. She has some cash and we could rent this big unicorn. We rented only one. After taking lots of photographs with the first unicorn, the girls said that the unicorn was not that pretty (the one on the left). I pushed my luck a little. Took the unicorn to exchange for another one. Hahaa... Guess it helped that Celestiel and Jocelle were with me. Who will reject two pretty little girls? Hahaa.
By this time, Celestiel has already fractured her hand. If you look at the pictures, you will be able to see her resting her left hand by her side. Haiz. 
We had BBQ for two nights but I didn't take any pictures. Lau and Tan families joined us for BBQ on the first night. 
On the second night, we celebrated Shum and Cephas' birthday. Yes, both share the same birthday. 

I like that D'resort is just next to a big shopping mall. It's easily accessible via the link conveyed walk way. 
We had breakfast there for two mornings. 

The children had fun at the arcade too. We indulged them in a game of Daytona.
I know I took a long time to post on this staycation. Guess I was too busy with Celestiel to enjoy the stay. This reminds me that I have not blogged on our Tokyo Disneyland stay, the hotel and the resorts. Wondering what to write since I didn't actually soak in to the experience. I was too busy with Celestiel as she had high fever then. Sigh. The boys are not interested to share their experiences. Sigh sigh. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Birthday Present

My mission is to sew for the children's birthdays this year. This pants is for Kayden. Such cool print. I took a long time to sew this pants. It's stressful to work on licensed print cos the fabric is expensive and I didn't buy extra fabric. The fear of spoiling the fabric is real. Hahaa. 
The colour is matched by Chewy. The model is Celestiel. Hahaa. I'm glad that the shorts turned out pretty nice. It's my first attempt sewing the back pockets.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Forest Adventure

Kayden celebrated her 10th birthday today at Forest Adventure. Look at the beautiful and yummy cake and macarons. All baked by the talented Soot Mei. 
Their adventure started at 10.30am. We met at 9.45am. I didn't follow the children around. I'm very much under the weather and sat around to catch up with friends instead. It's also a good time to indulge in some
yummy breakfast which they bought. Ate so much and we couldn't have lunch. Hahaa.
Of course Celestiel didn't join in the fun. Her arm is still not strong to support her body weight. She sat around with the adults. I took her to the playground to play for a while too. 

How time flies. Our children are all growing up. It's hard to arrange to meet during the school term since all of them are packed with enrichment classes. In fact, Celestiel has to miss her ballet lesson and Cephas, his soccer lesson. Guess it's all worth it to spend time with friends. 

Friday, July 21, 2017


Finally he received his silver award. It has been a long wait since the coach needs to find children from other classes to take the test together. He is the oldest child for all his classes. He's preparing for his Gold award now while the girl is preparing for her Silver. 
Celestiel resumed her swim lesson today. I told her to go easy especially on her free style. She does need to train her left arm muscles again. 

Sewing Projects

Some little projects I have been working on. It's good to know that I can sew for my own needs. I finally sewed a bigger pencil case to hold my markers and other stationery. My rubber bands are always everywhere and it's frustrating to find one especially at the end of the period. So, I sewed a little pouch to hold the rubber bands. The pouch is actually a cord keeper pouch but guess the design is good for keeping hair ties and rubber bands too. 
The green pouch is something I learnt watching YouTube recently. It's cool since it has two layers. Good for me to keep some coins and tokens inside. 
The red pouch (with doggie print) below is for me to keep my sanitary pad. Finally! I'm into snap buttons lately and it's so fun to play with the gadget. 
The kiss-lock pouch is something new I have learnt. Not exactly an easy craft since I need to sew the frame. The inner cloth has blood stain. I pricked myself. Ouch. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Showing Appreciation

To thank Celestiel's friends who helped her over the past three weeks, I decided to sew recorder pouches for them. Something useful since they are learning to play recorder and it's nice to have a pretty pouch to keep the recorder. 

A very sweet friend gave her a note and a gift the next day. This note made me laugh.

So, that's how her friend spells her name! Hahaa

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Fractured Arm Part 2

This is the orthopaedic surgeon who attended to Celestiel. A very gentle doctor. I like that he would always greet the princess before talking to us. As he's very tall, he would bend down to talk to her. 
His clinic is at Mount Elizabeth Novena. Very nice.

The clinic has a nice view too which I didn't manage to capture clearly. 

The waiting lounge to take X-ray at another clinic looks kinda posh. Cephas happily helped himself tonsomw hot beverage on a cold morning. 
Celestiel didn't take any medication at all. Not even paracetamol since she didn't complain of unbearable pain. So X-ray is the only way to track her recovery. 

The first X-ray was taken on 25th June at Mt Alvernia hospital. That's the second day after her fall. You can see a line at her arm. That's the area of fracture. It's called a greenstick fracture. Explanation as found in Google.

Second X-ray which she took a week later at Mount Elizabeth, Novena showed that new bone is growing. There slightly more white patches in the area. A sign of recovery which is good. She could lift her arm slightly. 

3rd X-ray taken 3 weeks after the fall. The white line ( the fracture) is barely visible. More white patches covering the area. The bone is rounded compared to the first X-ray. There was a sharp angle. 

I finally understand the reason why she was given the collar and cuff bandage. This was to hold her arm down, to minimise movement. This sponge thingy is not cheap. 
It's definitely a painful lesson not only for her but for me too. Her movement is greatly restricted. She needed to stop her dance, ballet, swim and gym. Of course, being a mummy, I worried about how she's going to cope during recess and changing of classes. Her bag is pretty heavy and I have to restrict the things she brings to school. 
I'm glad her recovery is making good progress. I pray that she will be my last child where I need to deal with fracture ever again. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Fractured Arm

It did take me a long while to blog about Celestiel's
fractured arm. It did kind of pain my heart just to know that she has suffered the pain silently for a day. It could be worse cos Chewy didn't want to take her for an X-ray. Imagine us not knowing of the condition, there will be much strife at home. She would have suffered more pain. The fracture would have taken a longer time to heal. Oh! The thought just frighten me. 
All happened during our staycation at D'resort. We were at Wild Wild Wet. That's the place she slipped, fell and fractured her arm. She did show us that she's in pain but we thought it's a pull in the muscle. Moreover, friends were here and she was too busy playing with them. 
The next day, we went church. It was during lunch when I realised that she was reluctant to raise her hand. Finally, I told Chewy that I would bring her to hospital to take an X-ray. I know it's Cephas' birthday. I know everyone would want to return to Wild Wild Wet to play for the second day. But I just needed that peace of mind. 
So, the two of us went to Mount Alvernia to join the queue to see the doctor while the boys returned to continue their play. 
It was a long wait indeed. The doctor who attended to her did think that she hurt her tendon. But since we have waited that long on Sunday and for a peace of mind, it's good to take an X-ray. 
How can I forget the expression of the doctor when he saw the X-ray! It was indeed a fracture. I could take the X-ray and go KK hospital or called for the orthopaedic surgeon which we would be charged a higher rate. Guess, it's no brainer what's my choice. 
Dr Paul Bell who attended to her commented that Celestiel has a high threshold for pain. She looked too happy to have a fractured arm. When preparing for her collar cuff, he actually took the wrong arm which we all laughed. Hahaa. 

That's the girl after about 4 hours in the hospital. 
We have since returned to see the doctor another two times. She is officially discharged today. The healing is about 80% and she could do most things now. However the green light for her to resume all activities would be after National Day. So she is still not resuming her gym. She still needs to be careful. She cannot afford to have another fall. 
I would share more of her x ray in the next post. Guess it's always good to write it down to remember what happened and make sure this will not happen to the children again. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Eye Check

For a long while, Chewy and I think that Celestiel has lazy eye. During the March holiday, I decided to take her to the Polyclinic to get a referral letter to see an eye specialist at SNEC. It's a 4 months wait. Such long queue. 

She did several eye check. Dilated her eye balls which was pretty uncomfortable for her cos her vision was kind of blurred for a couple of days. This was necessary so as to have a more accurate assessment.
Final conclusion. The doctor thinks that her glasses are not prescribed accurately. She's using her own coping mechanism to read/ see things and therefore she seems like having lazy eyes. 
The power of both eyes increased by 100. She told us to get her a new pair of glasses based on the prescription. The doctor reminded her to rest her eyes more often and to cut down of electronic since the increase of her eye power is significantly high she only made her glasses 6 months ago. 

We took her to Vivio city after that to return to the same shop to make her glasses. We decided to make her another pair of glasses. She chose a black frame. Look pretty nice since she is fair. 
The next review is in September. Hope there will be no more heart attack anymore. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ukulele Performance

I laughed out loud when I showed this picture to Cephas when he returned home from school. 
Cephas: oh ya, we need to go and watch Mei Mei play ukulele with a broken arm. 
Celestiel and her friends performed at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music on Friday. The whole Primary 3 level performed together with the handbells and choir. 
The girls learnt to play the ukulele during their music lesson last term. Usually for the past years, the girls would performed in the school auditorium for their fella peers to watch. But this year, the school decided to stage a big performance. This batch is very blessed. 

This photo showed the number of performers during the finale. Didn't manage to capture those standing at the side. Can you spot Celestiel? Hahaa.

Will try to upload the video one day of her playing the ukulele with her classmates. 

Before going to support Celestiel, I took Cephas to town. He wanted to buy a book. We also checked out the food fest at Takashimaya. Cephas had a burger for dinner. 

This boy is pretty easy with food. He's willing to try almost anything. 
After that, we hitched a car to the venue. I didn't want to drive since Chewy would be there later to meet us. He managed to reach in time to watch Celestiel perform.

The happy face at the end of the performance. 


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