Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rubiks Cube

Look like the boy has mastered the art of playing with a 2x2 rubiks cube. I'm impressed. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blessed Gift

It's so nice to find a present in the mailbox. A dear friend knitted this vest for Celestiel. Needless to say, the girl started wearing it at home, even during dinner time. Hahaa. 
Knitting is one craft I wish I can pick up. I pray I have the time to learn from my best buddy, Ms YouTube. 
Separately note, I just learnt to sew a nappy cover. So interesting. How I wish I picked up sewing earlier. 

Monday, May 15, 2017


Celestiel brought back some treats from my friend at work. I was all ready to open and eat, thinking it's sweet or peanuts. It was a pleasant surprise to find that they are Star Wats rollies. So so cute .

Saturday, May 13, 2017


The son said I'm a hoarder. I may have to agree with him. I bought at least 20 yards of fabrics recently from a lady who decided to destash most of her fabrics as she doesn't have the time to sew anymore. So sad. It was a really a good bargain (yay for me!).  I started some sewing marathon, sewing two peplum blouses for myself and 1 Patricia blouse and dress for the girl. 
And when I thought the house 'was flooded' with fabrics, my online order came in. Oops. But the good news is that Cephas' fabric is finally here for me to sew his shorts. Can't wait. 
Guess it's hard to reject when the son decides to pay 5 yards worth of fabrics for my Mothers' Day present. How sweet can he be. Love him to the moon and back. The girl didn't follow. In fact, she still taxed one yard of the fabric which Cephas bough for me. The girl said that her Science result is the best Mothers' Day present for me.  *ahem* What can I say? Hahaa. I prefer the whole package (overall of SA1). I'm monitoring my presents closely. *wink*
A few orders to fulfill. Gonna get busy the next few days! Happiness. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Treat

Friday is usually eat-out-lunch day with Celestiel as it's Cephas' long day in school. We usually have Subway since it's her favourite kind of food. 
Today she had llaollao. She insisted cos Cephas had ice cream last week while he was out with me when she was in Kumon. 'You must be fair!' she said. Well well... As usual, when she saw her kor kor, she bragged about the treat. Doing exactly what the boy did to her the week before. *shake head and laugh*

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Model

I finally have the time to try out a new pattern. Spent the morning putting all the pieces together and cutting the fabric. Though I have read the instructions countless time, working on a new pattern is always challenging. There's always a possibility I may fail. 
I sewed the pieces in between mothering duties. I was still working on it after dinner. Celestiel was excited,  running in to the room checking on my progress at times. 
And finally, just before her bedtime, I completed it. It's so beautiful. It's much better than what I thought. The pattern I cut was a little small so the stitching was a little challenging. She loves it that the blouse will twirl when she spins. Very bohemian look. She's asking for a dress. Just printed out the pattern. A bigger size. Can't wait to buy some fabrics to work on this pattern again! 
And don't you agree Celestiel makes a lovely model for the clothes I sew? I can be bias. This is my blog! Hahaaa. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Star Wars Run 2017

 And so we made it for the run. I was so tempted to keep Celestiel for revision. We have been working the whole day but she doesn't seem to internalise what has been taught and making the same mistakes. It's frustrating. And to make thing worse, Chewy wanted to take them out for lunch. Here we are trying to make use of our time to do revision, there the man was feeling bored and wanted to go out. I shall not rant about him here. A long post will be dedicated to him soon.
Anyway, as we were meeting a friend, I decided to stop all revision at 4.30pm. Enough is enough. We were pretty late as we could not find a parking lot at Gardens by the Bay. It's pretty crowded. When we searching for a parking lot, Cephas suddenly asked if we packed in our number bibs. Obviously not. Chewy had to alight us to meet our friends and he drove back to get the bibs.
We met up with our friends, the Chia Family. We walked around the Gardens. There were many activities going on but we didn't really participate.We had a quick dinner at our usual hangout, Hillstreet restaurant/cafe. Thankfully Chewy was able to return to join us for a quick dinner. After dinner, we walked to MBS as the starting point was there. The start of our long walk.

We had a group picture in the mall before heading out to the starting point. A great idea cos this was the only decent picture we had before the squeeze/walk. Hahaa.

The week before, Celestiel and I were shopping at Daiso and we bought some light sticks. The picture below was 'kidnapped" at Dalshe's FB. *wink*
 Before the start of the run, there were fireworks. Its so amazing and Cephas exclaimed it felt like we were in Disneyland. Hahaa.

We were the third wave to be released for the run. It's very chaotic and we were separated from the Chia Family for a moment. Cephas joined them for the run since they were the fitter ones. They really ran.
After gaining experience from the Garfield Run, I know that I do not have the capacity to run. Even during our past 'practices', I have chosen to do a brisk walk. Not so tiring for me. Celestiel was doing great with us. She jogged for most part of the journey. This time she was wiser. She kept quiet and jogged. We stopped at various points to take pictures. The route is pretty scenic. We ran past Fullerton hotel, Merlion and Helix Bridge. This was her first time standing close to the Merlion. There was only one water point. The organiser provided coconut water which was really refreshing but the children do not like.
Yes, we made it in less than 45 minutes. Its really an achievement for all of us especially Celestiel. Running during her bedtime is not easy at all! Cephas and Chia Family did even better. They completed way ahead of us. Amazing.
And we thought the children would be tired. They were not. We even went for the silent disco. Hahaa. This silent disco is really silly. Everyone put on a headphone and danced. The queue was very long but thankfully, the runners had a special queue. We didn't even have to wait.
We had a great time of fellowship with Chia Family and a great workout. I am definitely looking forward to the next run with our Kingdom friends.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Somehow the children love to hit on the piano during exam season. The songs they are working on recently.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Their coach stopped lesson for two weeks cos of exams. But the children still need/want to release their energy. And so I brought them to TP SAFRA to swim for more than two hours. Seriously, just soaking in the water makes me tired. Hahaa. I knocked out at about 9.30pm with them. 
Bought the two floats recently and the children had fun playing. As usual, the float will attract a few children. Glad that they don't mind sharing the float with others.
Blessed children. I didn't want to buy ice cream but a lady blessed them with one. Both of them happily ate the ice cream before their burger as the ice cream was melting. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Great Granny's Birthday

We celebrated Great Granny's birthday last Sunday. Great Granny doesn't know her actual birthday and so we always celebrate on Labour Day. 
It's always nice to gather together. To talk, to catch-up and of course to eat. Most of the preparation was done by Grandaunt Denisa. She ordered the buffet. Too much food and all of us had to taobao food home for breakfast and lunch the next day which was a good thing cos I was too tired to cook anything decent since I was stuck with Celestiel doing revision with her. 


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