Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fan and Hair

Fan and hair are bad combination! Hope the girl has learnt her lesson after insisting in taking my mini fan from my table to play. *piak head* Yes, these hair are lost! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Typical Day

Chewy returned home at about 8pm yesterday. 
Setting: In the kitchen. He was taking his food while I was washing the last bits of dishes. 
Our conversation. M: Me, C: Chewy
M: I'm done. I'm going to shower now.
C: What? You haven't showered? 
M:Went to buy lunch for the children after work. We had our lunch together. I listened to their stories for the day. I washed the plates and cleaned up the area. Then I get them to shower. While they were showering, I put away the laundry. Then I get them to do their work. I supervised Celestiel to learn her spelling, do Math and English practice papers. I brought home some markings cos work is piling up and I have some urgent admin work to complete tomorrow. In between, I checked on Cephas to make sure he's doing his work. Then I realised it's time to prepare dinner. So, back to kitchen to cook. I realised I need to spin the laundry while preparing dinner. So put clothes in washing machines to wash. Then it was time for dinner. We ate first since you would be late. We ate and after that I had to clean up the dinning area and also the kitchen. Clothes are washed and I had to put them in dryer. Yes, I haven't showered. 
C: Oh! Ok. 
Seriously, do I look very free? 🙄

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Life

It's amazing how time flies. I returned to work as a relief teacher in Term 3 and I survived! Hahaa...
Guess it's good for me to return in a way. It's good for me to slowly get use to working life again. The money is good considering my workload. I don't stay back at all and I hardly brought work home. Even if I do, it's really minimal. Afternoon schedules are uninterrupted. But I did scale down my sewing projects. 
Another 8 more weeks of relief teaching before my conversion to full time work load. But by then, PSLE and SA 2 are over and I should be able to breathe a little... before the collection of results. *jitters*
Did lots of sewing during this holidays especially at the start of holiday. In fact I managed to sew 2 dresses and a blouse within the first two days of holidays. I like it that I can sew till the late of night without worrying having to wake up early the next morning. Nice feeling. 

I managed to sew some new projects. I love the new Molly blouse (doggie print with white collar) The collar makes the blouse looks very 60s. The girl doesn't really like it for the same reason. Hahaa. I actually wanted to sew a maxi dress but guess I will abort the idea.
Tessa blouse (top picture- doggie print too)! I tried sewing that pattern using knit but it's kind of a flop. Used a woven material but it looks kind of small. Think I have to up size this pattern for her. 
I sewed her 3rd, 4th and 5th Ayda dress. The black print is so so yummy. Hahaa. I think I should stop sewing this dress. She has 5 now and it's good enough to wear from Monday to Friday!
Cephas needs a pair of shorts or more. He's going through some growth spurt and he can't wear most of his shorts now. He actually requested for more but unfortunately I can't find any prints that are suitable for boys. 
Wrapper bag and pouch. The bag is inspired by another sewist. Took me a long time to start sewing this wrapper bag. I don't actually fancy sewing on plastic. The machine does get cranky at times. But thankfully, she was good while I sewed this bag. It's big enough to fit an arch file. I used the back of the wrapper to sew a pouch. Looking at this bag reminded me that the children ate 12 packets of unhealthy snacks. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Trying to be more environmentally friendly. I use new plastic bags to contain the children's wet clothes after their swim. I will recycle the plastic bags to throw rubbish in it. It's kind of wasteful. I was looking for new plastic bags when I realised the stock is running low. It's time to play my part to save the world a little.
Use a snap button on the handle so that I can open the handle as and when I need it. 
Travel tissue pouch! It's a bingo. I managed to match the pictures perfectly! I used a snap button for the handle so that I can open the handle and hang it on the windows.
Sumi tissue box cover. I actually had to cut the fabrics  to get the pictures I wanted. Lots of wastage. Well, all for a friend who loves Sumi. Sold the remaining fabrics since I'm not a great fan of the print. 
Term 4... gonna scale down my sewing projects to do more revision with the children especially with Cephas. Exciting times ahead! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Sick Boy

And so the boy was under healing. He had a slight fever last night. Stomach was bloated and he felt nausea. Sound pregnant! Hahaa. 
When I checked on him last night, he suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and asked me some weird questions regarding some weird competitions. I simply told him I have no idea and asked him to sleep. A case of sleep talk. 
I checked on him this morning at 7.30am. He said he didn't sleep well. Well well. I agreed to let him sleep in and didn't send him to school for supplementary.  
The above picture kind of summarises his day. He's just lying him and there. Not much of an appetite and no mood to do anything . 
The children didn't go for swim lesson too. Hmmm... kind of a wasted day for him. And tonight, he decided to sleep in with Celestiel and me. Well well... hope he will feel better tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I only managed to take a picture of the girls just before we fed them lunch! Hahaa. We were at Shum's new nest today. A time of play for the children and catch up time for the adults. Stephanie managed to join us and I definitely had fun playing with little Stacey. 
The children had a whale of time swimming. They had the whole pool to themselves. 3 hours of swimming really tired them out. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Eye Check

We are back to SNEC for further eye check this afternoon. A very thorough check by the ophthalmologist ( I think that's the title). He conducted several tests on the girl. Look far, look near. See this, see that... I'm feeling tired just looking at the girl going through al the various tests. 

And it's confirmed. The girl has intermittent exotropia. Finally someone can give me a name to the condition. He saw what we have been seeing. It's not exactly a serious case for Celestiel but it's a concern we want to get it corrected. 
The ophthalmologist said that they are doing an action research for this condition and invited Celestiel to join this programme. Basically, she will be given a type of eye exercise and she has to do it every day for 10 mins. The exercise basically helpA to strengthen her eyes muscles. There will be a follow-up for her every 3 months or so. Guess there's nothing to lose for closer monitoring. So she participated. 

The eyes exercise she needs to do is called 'Cats'. She has a picture card. She needs to stare at the picture such that the three cats become one. I tried and it's pretty tiring. Hopefully the eyes exercise will help and we will see an improvement during the next visit. 
One good thing is that there is no increase in her short sightedness. Power is maintained which is a good news for us. 
The children were so tired with all the waiting and testing. Cephas who was with us, was waiting outside. I refused to let him stay at home by himself since this boy likes to open the doors to strangers. Yes, he has done it before! *piak head* 
Anyway he was feeling restless and hungry. Guess his groaning is heard. The nurses actually prepared Milo and biscuits for all patients and guests. And of course the children helped themselves to a cup each. 

Ok, SNEC, we will see you in December again! 

Grandma is 63th

My mum, their grandma, is 63 (or 64 to her) today. We bought her favourite cake and sang her a birthday song last Sunday. We took a long time to take this picture as it was very windy and we simply couldn't get all the candles lit up. Hahaa. 
My mum is such a simple person. No fanfare on her special day. She had a small celebration with her friends at the park after their exercise this morning. She came by my place to drop off a bottle of ling yang for the children before heading to the temple by herself. 
I wanted to bring her out for dinner but she refused cos she wanted to cook for my dad. So, it really another day for her. 

Monday, September 4, 2017


Celestiel used her reward cards to exchange for this little Sumi stuff toy. A good twenty points. 
I love the reward system used in the enrichment class. The teacher often says that the girl is very motivated in class to answer questions and to do her work. But it's really a challenge to get her to learn her weekly 听写 at home. It's a real battle and I wish I have the heart to let her fail. 

Changing Bedsheets

I hate changing bedsheets. I hate folding it. Thanks to the dryer, I can be lazy. I wash bedsheets in the morning. Put in the dryer and at night, we put back the same bedsheets. Hahaa. So we use the same bedsheets till I'm seriously tired of the colour which happen once in ... maybe 6 months. 
Today is the day, I'm tired of Cephas' bedsheet. The grey bedsheet is dull and his room is dark cos of the colour. I decided to change the colour of his bedsheet and suddenly his room just brightens up! Such happy colour. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Snowskin Mooncakes

All because the children wanted to have some fun. It was a total mess. I hate clearing up. So it's dear Chewy's job to clear up since I did the set up and play! There are much leftover. Hopefully I have the energy to do a second round. 


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